Italian Islands- Sicily

A paradise named Sicily
Sicily has beckoned seafaring wanderers since the trials of Odysseus were first sung in Homer’s Odyssey,perhaps the world’s first travel guide. Strategically poised between Europe and Africa, this mystical land of three corners and a fiery volcano once hosted two of the most enlightened capitals of the West—one Greek, in Siracusa, and one Arab-Norman, in Palermo being  invaded over the centuries by many armies, and was once the site of Roman, Greek and Phoenician colonies. For history-buffs and interested tourists, remnants of those cultures remain to this day. 
Placed at the centre of the Mediterranean, Sicily island is the biggest island in the latter.As i said before there is great movement in the Sicilian landscape,the island is mountainous land hilly, with only one big plain near Catania. The most important massif is the Etna one, and the whole area of which is protected it consit in a big nature park, in the eastern part of Sicily.
Threaded amongst its scented citrus orchards, tranquil farmland and lunar-like mountains is a kaleidoscope of towns, sights and resorts. Its east coast is the main draw, thanks to its inviting beaches and stunning landmarks. For a luxurious holiday or adult escape, picturesque, popular Taormina has stepped boutique-filled streets, sandy coves and a spectacular Greco-Roman theatre. Or for a classic sunshine break, Giardini Naxos’ scenic stretch of pebbles, café culture and watersports will delight beach-loving families and couples.
Making the most of its island coasts, Sicily has one of the world’s best cuisines to offer. Much of the island’s food is made with creatures of the sea. Unlike in the northern parts of Italy, cream and butter are hardly used for typical dishes in Sicily. Instead, the natives usually substitute tomatoes, lard (rarely) or olive oil. The cuisine is very exotic and has many spices and unique flavors to offer. Sicilians cultivate a uniquely Sicilian type of olive tree, which they affectionately call the “saracena”. The food is typically Mediterranean but there are strong hints of Arabic and Spanish flavor.
If you’re tempted to spend your vacation on this beautiful island,then prepare yourself p to be overwhelmed by its contrasts, landscapes, beaches and amazingly diverse, ancient heritage. From its bubbling capital Palermo to age-old Roman and Greek ruins, sun-drenched sands and the ever-present, smouldering Mount Etna, this is one island overflowing with treasures.
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